I’m a freelance email copywriter who helps health supplement brands


Like this:

This is a revenue data from my client’s Klaviyo account taken 12 months after I worked on his emails.

During this period, our emails have generated:

  • $581,914 revenue in 12 months from emails alone… which is TRIPLE (2.9x to be exact) the email revenue from the previous year… and exceeded last year’s TOTAL revenue from ALL channels.
  • $215,744 in 12 months on AUTOPILOT from email flows alone… Which also exceeded last year’s TOTAL revenue from ALL channels.
  • Exceeded their previous annual email revenue in the 4th month… then DOUBLED it in the 8th month.
  • $83,964 extra sales after 12 months from non-promotional email newsletters.
  • $46,172 or 80% of all Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales from emails alone. That’s 4.6x more sales than the previous year’s BFCM.
  • $20,000+ revenue in the first 5 days from a NEW beetroot supplement launched to a small email list of 3,000+ subscribers.
  • And many more, including…

Helping this supplement brand cross their FIRST EVER 7-figure revenue year with a 46% revenue contribution from emails.WITHOUT spending a single dime on advertising for the entire 12 months.

We achieved these results when we shifted to emails that are:


When clients approach me, they’re usually need help with two (2) things:

  1. They do NOT want generic emails.
  2. And they want tried and tested email content that specifically work for supplements.


The best marketing does NOT feel like marketing.

Tom Fishburne

So if you need someone to write design “shopping catalog” emails that look like this:

How ecomm emails would look like if they were “real”.

We won’t be a good fit.

Your customers’ inbox are already cluttered with that.

Let’s not add another one.


  • If you want to stand out in your customers’ crowded inbox by sending a clearer message, instead of being louder…
  • If you are NOT modest to talk about your story, vision, and mission
  • And if you want your emails to have everything your customers actually care about when looking for supplements – benefits that actually deliver on their promise, safe ingredients, science-backed research, etc…

I’ll show you how my emails can give financial results… while also building REAL trust and TRUE loyalty from your customers.


Choose the package that best fits your current situation:


(One-Time Investment)

I’ll build these basic email flows for you so you can start turning website visitors to customers:

  • Welcome Flow
  • Cart Abandonment Flow (Upgraded)
  • New Customer Flow

This is for you if you want to get started with your flows, but have a limited budget.

Includes list management and segmentation.


(One-Time Investment)

This is for you if:

  • You want ALL core email flows built immediately. And…
  • You want to improve the performance of your current email flows.

Package includes KICKSTARTER flows, pre-purchase, post-purchase and repeat customer flows.

Includes list management and segmentation.


(Monthly Investment)

  • Newsletter emails 2-3x/week.
  • Launch Emails for new products.
  • Promotional emails.
  • New flows as your product range expands.
  • Monthly performance report.
  • Email Optimization and A/B Testing.

This is for you if you have all core flows from the FULL STACK package already set up.

Includes list management and segmentation.

My goal is to take email marketing off your plate. Once I have all the information I need, I’ll take care of everything from writing to uploading them to Klaviyo (or any email software you use).


Is this something you want me to execute for your supplement brand?

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